In 1842 the site was occupied by a “garden and turf house”

covering 32 perches. It was owned by a George Morant

Esquire, but lived in by the widow Baigent.

The earliest mention of the Prince of Wales public house

was in 1867 when the landlord was a certain William

Compton, a beer retailer and fly proprietor. Apparently,

he use to run two horse drawn cabs and met the trains at

Farnborough Main and Farnborough North Stations.

I am sorry to say, that I will not be reviving this old custom

of collecting customers.

In the late 1880’s at the rear of the premises there used to

be a skittle alley, where a Mr H. A. Bartlett (in his book

‘Memoirs of Farnborough 60 Years Ago’ remembered

going to see a puppet show that used to call round

every year.